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EGG Amino 6000 360tbl

EGG Amino 6000

Egg Amino 6000 is a special amino acid supplement with 1000 mg of pure egg albumine per tablet. Egg protein is an excellent source of amino acids with unique profile.

Supplement Facts:
Serving size: 6 tablets Servings per container: 20/60/150
Amount per Serving
Active ingredients  
Amino Acids derived from Egg Albumine 6 000 mg
Typical Amino Acid profile Per 6 tablets
Alanine 300 mg Methionine 180 mg
Arginine 280 mg Phenylalanine 280 mg
L-Aspartic Acid 490 mg Proline 190 mg
Cysteine 130 mg Serine 330 mg
Glutamine** 630 mg Threonine 220 mg
Glycine 170 mg Tryptophan 80 mg
Histidine 110 mg Tyrosine 190 mg
Isoleucine*† 260 mg Valine*† 330 mg
Leucine*† 410 mg Lysine* 310 mg
* Essential Amino Acids † Branched Chain Amino Acids
** Glutamine values based on glutamic acid content

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